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The SOUL Navigator™ is a most amazing wisdom instrument for SOUL Integration. It works with the fundamental core activation structures of life itself as it unfolds in the Cosmic Tension between the Presence of the Soul and the Human Personality. It reveals how the Presence of the Soul beyond time and the expression of the human personality in time are dynamically related as Cosmic Tension through the nexus of the individuality

The Presence and Pleroma of the Soul beyond time seeks to manifest as Human Self/World in time. Human self-awareness is transformed into the Cosmic Awareness of the Soul. 

While these are all nice terms, it is essential for the Wisdom Point that we are pragmatic about it. What does it mean in your daily life? How does it affect your self, your relationships, and your work? What can you do with it? What will it do for you? What does it mean to ‘integrate with the Soul’? Why would you do that? This is what the course and coaching in the Yoga of the Soul will show you:

How to use your daily life as a basis for the Cultivation of the Presence of the Soul for your benefit and the benefit of all human beings. How to handle your body, your emotions, and your thoughts in alignment with the Soul. How to discover your original life and express it in the innate happiness and excitement of creating a Self/World that you actually want, because it meets your most essential calling in this life.

The Soul Navigator™ provides the Master Key to the Yoga of the Soul. It can potentially open all the doors, if it is used right. While the Soul is the ‘open door which no wo/man can shut’, wo/man has the privilege of making a lot of openings to the Divine in Human Self/World. Nothing is more exciting or rewarding than discovering and making these openings for the transformation of your Self/World.

Check out the course on the Yoga of the Soul and its 9 integral modules, which can be taken independently. Each module will be a combination of slides and direct personal interaction with Andreas Mannal, the founder of the Wisdom Point promoting the Yoga of the Soul, and the author of the SOUL Navigator™. Andreas also provides personal one on one or small group life coaching and consulting in the Presence of the Soul. Right now Wisdom Point offers a special introductory promotion of a pilot session for the SOUL Navigator for only $ 45.- and a FREE, one on one, 30 minute coaching session via face time, skype, zoom, or telephone. Just contact me or sign up to Wisdom Point on the ‘Present Page’, and you will get a very precious, little present.