The reality of life is an infinite complexity, which we are supposed to master somehow just like riding a bicycle. The bad news is, that we are just thrown into our existence after the fashion of sink or swim, supported for better or for worse by what our community and culture, parents and teachers provide, but – we are in the end on our own to deal with life, realize ourselves, and make something of it on the path of individuation. The good news is, that life is just like anything else we can learn, understand, and master. It contains certain universal and simple principles, which provide the integral foundation and structures for what we create and build as our Self/World.

When we deliberately respect, champion and apply these principles, we live a fulfilling life in the empowerment of our inner calling and purpose. When we ignore these principles or act out against them, we become the victims of chaotic circumstances, struggling with life and others endlessly, never getting around to what we truly want. The YOGA OF THE SOUL is an approach that exposes you to these principles and structures with clarity and certainty for your particular situation. The only thing is that these structures and principles are of a primordial nature. They are a pre-rational reality, before the mind can make them an object of thought or a concept. So, while we are learning to use these universal principles and structures we also learn how reasoning and Thinking works in negative and positive ways, and how to optimize Thinking, the brain, our sensation, and our feelings and emotions to bring these universal principles to bear as our Being, in what we Do, and to cultivate what we Have. In order to do that we employ the Wisdom Navigator™ as an integral visual and conceptual support.

Course 1Yoga of the Soul
Module 1In the Presence of the SoulSee Content



There are a great many factors that make the situation that we find ourselves in the way it is. A force of gravity and energy, space, time with millions of years of the physical evolution on this Earth with its characteristic geomagnetic field. Your bio-organism with its nervous system and brain, molecular and atomic structure. The history of human Self/World so far, cognitive developments, technological developments, political developments, and last not least – YOUR individual Karma-Dharma as it unfolds right now in this very moment.

A million factors and myriads of beings in time conspire to make the situation the way you find it right now in awareness. Fortunately, in the Presence of the Soul we have to consider none of them. All we have to consider IN awareness is what we bring to bear NOW in exactly this situation as it is. We do not have to react compulsively to it. We do not need to be stuck in it. We do not have to fight it or struggle with it. We do not have to be negative, critical or judge it. All we need to do is make an opening in the Presence of the Soul, in Gratitude and Love for what IS in pure essence. Then we allow the highest potential Good to be actualized in time with each other.

In just doing that we find real joy and fulfillment, because there really is nothing better that we can do in this moment for all of life, than manifesting the Highest Good for ourselves and for each other. We so do realize on Earth some aspect of the Pleroma of the Soul in any given situation that we find ourselves in. We allow and invoke the Presence of the Soul to catalyze our life in the Will to Good.

You have been living, breathing, and working in this Presence since the beginning of time. It is closer than the air you breathe, closer than your feelings and sensations, closer than your heartbeat, closer than space itself and your deepest thought. It IS before you have existed and will exist.


  1. How to allow the Presence of the Soul for oneself and someone else
  2. How to discern and recognize the Presence of the Soul
  3. Reorientation in the Presence of the Soul
  4. Healing in the Presence of the Soul
  5. Creating in the Presence of the Soul

“The difficulties of contacting and cultivating the Presence of the Soul among the ever increasing distractions, challenges, and complications of our daily lives seem insurmountable, especially if we hold down a 9-5 job or run a business, but there is hope, and it is a well founded hope. Actually – it is not a hope or belief at all. It is a Reality that we can learn to access at will.”

 -Andreas Mannal


Module 2Knowing your PersonalitySee Content


The human personality is a most complex and dynamic instrument of expression and performance. While the fundamental cosmic architecture of the personality is the same for every human being, every person is completely unique in her own right. The points to consider with your personality are covered in the following Topics:

  • The subjective experience of the personality and the Objective Reality of the Soul
  • The 4 elements of expression of the personality: sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and the 3 Aspects of the Soul: Love, Wisdom, and Power
  • The Three main areas of personal healing: self, relationship, and work
  • What is your Personality Type?
  • How does your Personality express the Pleroma of the Soul?

“If we are serious about our life, and we want to see the humor in it at the same time, we need to understand how our and other people’s personality functions. This know how allows us to be serious while we have a good, healing laugh about ourselves and each other.”

-Andreas Mannal


Module 3The Grace of Cosmic TensionSee Content


This Human Self/World of everyday awareness is not the end game. Having a good job, raising a family, paying the bills, a house, a car, a tree, and a pet are not the purpose of life. We are growing into Cosmic Awareness, which is of a higher order and completely different nature than the conventional Self/World Awareness. Cosmic Awareness is of the Soul, and it constitutes the kingdom of the Soul among humanity. This transition from our own Self/World awareness into Cosmic Awareness produces a Cosmic Tension. Every human individual and community is subject to this Cosmic Tension to fulfill this calling of Cosmic Awareness on Self-Awareness. Cosmic Tension guides the awakening and paradigm shift that everyone is talking about.

It gives us the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment to cultivate the Presence of the Soul as Human Self/World in Cosmic Tension. This is a radically different human Self/World than we have been creating so far. A Self/World which proactively realizes harmony before allowing reactive conflict to take charge. A Human Self/World which cultivates sharing instead of selfish greed as an economic driver. A Self/World which knows no religious or cultural wars of values, because all human values are scaled to Reality of the Soul, which fundamentally is love. A Self/World which cultivates the abundant joy of the Soul, instead of indulging the human dramatizations of greed, scarcity and misery.


  1. The nature of Cosmic Awareness versus Self-awareness
  2. The nature of Cosmic Conscience versus a cultural or religious conscience
  3. Cosmic Tension as Moral Empowerment, Integrity and Integration
  4. Cosmic Tension as the integration of good will and will power with the Will to Good

“Cosmic Awareness has been reached by individuals throughout the last 3000 years, but now we are awakening to it on a collective scale, and that creates a bit of confusion on an individual level, because we may personally not be as ready for it as we could be. And we have some catching up to do with our Karma-Dharma when this acceleration in Cosmic Tension happens to us.”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 4EssencingSee Content


provides us with a lifeline of transcendence beyond Human Self/World. It is an absolute requirement to navigate the seas of Human Self/World successfully. It provides us with the cosmic ‘reset’ of mercy, grace, and forgiveness when everything seems to go wrong and we become entangled in the lines of our karmic return. Essencing allows us to withdraw our identification from Human Self/World intentionally to instantly realize the priceless ‘inner peace’ and liberated state of ‘witnessing’ and bliss, whenever we call on it during our busy and involved lives. Essencing has been explicitly practiced in many mystical traditions and is the foundation of all Yogas and Methods of unification, meditation, and relaxation.


  1. Essencing and the Soul
  2. Essencing and Nature
  3. Healing through Essencing
  4. Essencing and Identity-Identification
  5. Essencing in Time and Space
  6. Essencing as the Contemplation of the Wisdom-Space
  7. Essencing as Being, Doing, and Having 

“‘Essencing’ is an action word, but it prescribes the kind of ‘action’ that is essentially a non-action : in Essencing we cannot achieve anything through agency or intention, just like sleeping, meditating, dying, healing, growing. All these non-action words indicate that we have a no-game situation. There is only Beingness and no Doing or Having. Whatever you chose as your spiritual life, it is crucial to understand that difference.”

– Andreas Mannal

Module 5PresencingSee Content


As a natural principle of life Presencing belongs to Essencing as breathing in belongs to breathing out. While Essencing is an orientation of no-action and no-game. Presencing is the exact opposite. Presencing is about intentional and even willful engagement with Human Self/World, about performance, and about causation and creation.

We therefore work in Presencing with the Cosmic Law of Attraction and the Cosmic Law of Deliberate Creation, whereas the Law of Allowing is activated by Essencing. While Essencing has been explicitly developed since thousands of years in the mystical and yogic traditions of the world, Presencing as an explicit orientation with a methodology is a fairly recent development of the last three centuries. This is a fascinating and empowering seminar with the following topics:

  1. Realize and work with the Law of Attraction
  2. Realize and work with Creative Thinking versus Reasoning
  3. Realize and work with the Law of Performance (Trajectory of Mastery, Love and Prosperity)
  4. The Power of Sankalpa
  5. Presencing in Being, Doing, Having

“The polar unity of Essencing-Presencing is one of the most important life structures to understand and work with in our daily lives. We need to fully embrace both equally, to find the Dynamic Balance which uplifts our life in the creative joy and happiness which defies all human reasoning. Some call it also ‘being in the zone’.”

– Andreas Mannal

Module 6The Unity of Self/WorldSee Content


Cute baby girl smelling giant orange rose. With back lightTHE UNITY OF SELF/WORLD

Having a real World to live with and do things with keeps us from spinning the wheels in self-preoccupation and phantasies.

Being a real Self keeps us from being unduly impressed or victimized by the world around us.

Dynamic Balance of Self/World means harmonic expansion and transcendence of both, Self and World. Imbalance between Self  and World means disharmonic constriction of both. There is an underlying unity between Self and World. One cannot be without the other. Discover and leverage this unity for healing the rifts and schisms between you and the world or others, and for the empowerment to create the Self/World that is your calling in life. The topics covered in this module are:

  • Discovering and Realizing the Unity of Self/World
  • Healing in the Unity of Self/World
  • Leveraging the Unity of Self/World in Being, Doing, and Having
  • Cultivating the Presence of the Soul as Human Self/World

“We hope that our little children engage fully and successfully with the outside world, because we deeply know that is what they deeply want and need – to have an effect on others and the world. That is why they came here to this Earth. We do not want them to be autistic. An infant comes into this world, and apprehends it as Self/World via the mind and speech (logos). It is an obvious process for everyone who cares to look. It is the whole meaning and foundation of all ‘education’: To cultivate the Soul as Human Self/World on the Earth.”

Andreas Mannal

Module 7The Three Levels of ExistenceSee Content


Understanding the three levels of your existence is a tremendous blessing, because it brings clarity and orientation for what you want.

  1. Existential Level
  2. Level of Object-Orentation
  3. Level of Essence-Orientation

All three levels happen simultaneously in your life, but your orientation, interest, attention, and awareness prioritize one or the other level. And  it is very important what difference that makes for your life. We want to be able to shift freely between the three orientations with clarity about what each orientation is good for. If we confuse these three levels, we are struggling with our Self or with our World, because we are confused by misguiding hopes and expectations about what we actually want and how to achieve it. The topics for this module are:

  • Discerning the Three Levels and Orientations with absolute clarity
  • Understanding which orientation is dominant in our current life situation and what that means for the other two orientations
  • Learning how to switch between the three orientations at will
  • The role of identity-identification and Being-Doing-Having on the Three Levels
  • How to deal with existential pressure
  • How to deal with object-dependency
  • How to deal with essence-escapism

“Once we understand the Three Levels of Self/World and the respective orientation of each level, we can understand clearly what we are up to with our life. We can make enlightened choices and decisions, and we can learn to move freely between the three orientations to actualize our Highest Potential across all Three Levels. That is how the teaching on the Three Levels of Self/World is a blessing from the Soul.”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 8Being, Doing, and HavingSee Content


Being-Doing-Having :

What you HAVE can go up in flames. God is an all consuming fire. There is nothing wrong with having, but it is good to understand that it can be gone before you know it.

What you DO is a very different issue, because it reveals your heart. Your heart is the chalice of the Will to Good.

Who you ARE is quite a challenge to figure out in the past and future, but it is well worth your singular attention, because what you do comes from it, and what you have follows…

It is  most beneficial and liberating to be able to discern Doing from Being with clarity, and Having from Being as well as Doing, and finally Being from both, Doing and Having. These are the topics:

  • Realize the actual difference between the Seer, the Seeing, and the Seen as a true basis of their unity
  • Play the Game of Life: Identity-Identification, Achievement, and Domain
  • Understand and realize the absolute necessity and freedom of Being
  • Realize how Doing is
  • Being-Doing-Having as Time
  • Doing as a function of Self/World
  • Being-Doing-Having as Moral Empowerment

“The best way of understanding our authentic and innocent state of Beingness is by discerning it from Doing and Having. This realization also has the advantage that we understand what Doing and Having actually mean for our lives, and the richness of the complete triangle Being-Doing-Having”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 9Individuality - A Cosmic MiracleSee Content


The Cosmic Principle of individuality is a most amazing venue of freedom, creativity, and engagement. Individual agency is embedded in cosmic communion. Agency-Communion constitutes a dynamic balance which actualizes the Highest Good for humanity and the Earth. The creative empowerment of the individual is pure joy and pleasure. The topics involved:

  • Individuality and Personality
  • Individuality and the Presence of the Soul
  • Individuality and Creativity
  • Individuality and Identity-Identification
  • Individuality and ‘Ego’
  • Individuality and Karma-Dharma
  • Individuality and Account-ability
  • Individuality and Freedom

“Individuality prescribes a most essential, powerful, and altogether miraculous process in humanity and in your particular life. It is no wonder that our understanding of this freedom is beset with manipulation and exploitation for nefarious purposes. Under any circumstance, whatever happens, first of all – keep your Cosmic Right, purpose and calling in the freedom of self-determination under the patronage of the Soul.”

-Andreas Mannal 

Module 10Grounding of the LightSee Content


is the manifestation of the Light of the Soul as human Self/World. It is a particular requirement for Lightbearers and all real spiritual development. The whole point of being embodied on the Earth is the grounding of the Light of the Soul. The topics for this are:

  • Facing Solidity
  • Getting your act together
  • Making things happen
  • Recognize and balance self indulgence
  • Recognize and balance escapism
  • Recognize and let go of reactivity
  • Cultivate immovability

“Take it from my own experience and learning. The Grounding of the Light brings the necessary solidity to all spirituality. Without it we are just fluttering about like butterflies, carried by any breeze here and there. With the grounding we become like a rock of eternity, ready to face anything for transformation in the unmovable Presence of the Soul.”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 11The Understanding of Karma - DharmaSee Content


Karma is of the Individuality. What you create via the law of Attraction and deliberate Thinking is exactly your Karma in Cosmic Tension. Whereas the Presence of the Soul keeps your immaculate Dharma for you. Topics:

  • The Freedom of Complete Account-ability
  • How bad  Karma can be turned into good Karma
  • How past and future Karma can be transformed in the Now
  • How to recogne and accept your Dharma in the Presence of the Soul
  • Contemplating your Karma-Dharma in the Now
  • Activate your Cosmic Conscience: Remorse, Regret, Redemption, and Resurrection in the Presence of the Soul

“There is no experience which is more beautiful, elevating, and liberating in the Now than – to recognize your individual Karma-Dharma in the Presence of the Soul. It is an everlasting moment of joy and union.”


Module 12Realizing the Pleroma of the Soul via the EnneagramSee Content

Enneagram02Realizing the Pleroma of the Soul

‘Pleroma’ means a state of divine fullness and abundance. In this Training we explore how our personality is connected to the Pleroma of the Soul, and how we can realize more of this spiritual fullness and abundance in our personal lives. We will use the Enneagram as developed by Oscar Ichazo in his seminal work of Protoanalysis and Autodiagnosis to:

  • Discover the way how you function as a personality
  • How this way can deteriorate into a form of imprisonment
  • Or can be a springboard of liberation into the Presence of the Soul
  • How the virtues and divine ideas of the Soul catalyze your personal transformation for awakening and enlightenment in Cosmic Awareness 

“The Pleroma of the Soul is pure bliss, joy, happiness, and ready for positive and creative human engagement. We only need to recognize the filter of our personality, how our personality either blocks or manifests this blessing.”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 13Energy Harmonization through Chakra SymmetrySee Content



Chakra Symmetry uses the symmetric Soul arrangement of the 7 major chakras. The Soul is the Master of energy and the chakras. In this training we learn how to work with the Soul as Shiva/Shakti. We learn how to purify and integrate the energies of the three lower chakras with the three higher chakras via the Heart Chakra. And  beyond that we learn how to engage our chakras with Human Self/World as positive Karma in Cosmic Tension. We will contemplate these topics:

  • Purification and engagement of the chakras
  • Establishing the Heartline
  • The absolute unity of the Crown Chakra with the Base Chakra
  • The creative integration between the spiritual drive of the Third Eye and the sexual drive of the Sex Chakra
  • The powerful expression of Human Self/World between the Throat Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra

“The understanding of the Symmetry of the Chakras is most beneficial for anyone who is aware of how energy works.”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 14The Area of Principle - Omniscience of the SoulSee Content



The Area of Principle is the way the SOUL knows. This way of Knowing of the Soul is beyond human intuition. It is potentially aware of any details in what is needed to know in any given situation on the basis of principle. This ‘knowing’ has nothing to do with the human way to have knowledge about something. It is a direct knowing which is pragmatic and connected to the Highest Good of any given situation. It is a way of Knowing, which is commonly shared by geniuses.

Discover how the Area of Principle works, and how to access it at will in the Presence of the Soul. Topics:

  • Lower Mind(Manas) and Higher Mind(Buddhi)
  • The Unconditioned Mind and Not-Knowing
  • The Nature of Principle
  • How to Elicit the Area of Principle

“The ‘Area of Principle’ is a revolutionary way of ‘knowing’. I do not remember where and when I first heard about it. But it is one of those things that stays with you, although you do not understand it. It comes back to you again and again, and every time you become more and more clear about what it is, and how it works. Finally, you learn to elicit it at will. it is a non-possessive way of knowing in the moment, which is fundamentally based on not-knowing. It cannot be achieved through acquiring knowledge. It is the privilege of what we call a ‘genius’. But every human being in seed is a genius, and so are you, once you learn how to not-know in the Presence of the Soul”

-Andreas Mannal

Module 15Politics of the SoulSee Content



This is a very beneficial understanding for our times. Nothing is more needful than the human renewal in the Presence of the Soul

  • Background and history of the Soul in humanity in the Eastern and Western Tradition
  • How the Soul is at work in humanity
  • Strong Soul traditions
  • How the human understanding and cultivation of the Soul has been manipulated
  • How the Soul became an appendix of the ideology of Individualism
  • How empirical science is predicated on the absence of the Soul
  • How modernity has abolished the Soul
  • How the New Age uses the Soul as a floor mat for personal development
  • A renewed understanding of the Presence of the Soul
  • Moral Empowerment by the Soul
  • Politics of the Soul as the Will to Good

“The Politics of the Soul provides the understanding how humanity flourishes in the Presence of the Soul and withers in its absence. Nothing is more blissful and fulfilling than being a protege of the Soul.”