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About Us


The Wisdom Point is an outpost of the SOUL in Human Self/World. It all started 41 years ago, on a serene day of summer, when a young man 21 years of age was meditating on the Shakti energy and had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening which lead to his death and rebirth. This was a life changing experience which set Andreas on a path of spiritual development and research under the direct guidance of the SOUL. The result of this path is the Wisdom Point which serves the education of human self-awareness in the Cosmic Awareness of the SOUL.

Andreas has researched the principles and structures which spiritually inform Human Life – through a comparative study of the Eastern and Western Traditions of spirituality and metaphysics under the conscious guidance of the SOUL. This work has culminated in a unique synthesis called the YOGA OF THE SOUL, which employs the SOUL Navigator™, a contemplation of the principles and dynamic structures of the Soul in embodiment.

The YOGA OF THE SOUL enables the student with ease, to understand how her whole life naturally already is a form of Yoga and Meditation. S/he learns to contemplate, employ and practice certain life structures which serve as core activation points for awakening, spiritual development, and enlightenment in Cosmic Awareness by realizing the Presence and Pleroma of the Soul in our daily lives.

For this purpose Andreas is offering a training course on the SOUL Navigator™ with 9 integral modules, one for each core activation point.